Forum Updates! Fifth Month!

Started by Omowale, Aug 01, 2022, 11:17 AM

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Ẹ káàbọ̀ ! to all of our new members and thank you for joining Ìṣèṣe làgbà o!- The International Ifá Forum!

We are officially five months old!

Happy New Month! I am so thankful for our growing community as always. Ẹ ṣé mo dúpẹ́ o!

First a special shoutout to our new members who joined in July:

@Omitayese Fabamise

Ẹ ṣé mo dúpẹ́ o! We are happy to have you here. Please feel free to create your topics and discussions. May our forum serve as a good resource for you all. May our forum serve as a platform for knowledge sharing for our IFA community. Please be sure to check out our growing social media accounts:  Twitter and Tiktok.

A reminder: If you'd like to donate to our community, and help keep us running. You can visit our Patreon. If you would like an alternative method to donate or you want to learn more about our mission, please visit the following: Donation and our Mission.

So what's new?
  • When an image link is posted in the first topic post. The preview of the image can now be seen before clicking into the topic. Guests can now view these images also.
  • Topic UI adjustments. Text alignment.
  • The usual backend technical technical work to keep our site running
  • New Topics and Members!

What may we expect this new month?
  • More members and new discussions Àṣẹ!
  • Changes and tweaks to improve your experience with us. Maintenance and changes on the backend. All will be notified if we are expected to be in maintenance for some hours.
  • Possible Bitcoin integration feature. Last month it was decided that a button would be better than a qr code because for the UI. Still has not been implemented yet.
  • Stay tuned for more surprise features!

Maintenance & issues
There is an issue with the shoutbox where when you click on the new topic link, it redirects you to the homepage. If you experience this issue, you can see the last post in the category boxes. On desktop the last post link is displayed on the right. It reads "Last Post". On mobile you will see this displayed below the category name. I am working on fixing this.

Is that it?? (Omowale's short technical blog.. feel free to skip)
Yes that is about it. Its been a hot and busy month. I meet more and more people who knew about our humble website before I mentioned it to them. This fills me with joy. I am glad our site has served and reached many people. May it continue to serve our people Àṣẹ Olodumare!
~Manifest destiny from within~


I look forward to learning much here.
Eliott Morst