Forum Updates! Eight Months Old !

Started by Omowale, Nov 01, 2022, 04:01 AM

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Ẹ káàbọ̀ ! to all of our new members and thank you for joining Ìṣèṣe làgbà o!- The International Ifá Forum!

We are officially eight months old! Happy New Month!

I would like to welcome our newest members

@Osunponmile Aduke

Thank you for joining our humble community. Please feel ask questions and join discussions.

This will be another short announcement.

So what's new?

  • The UI for the post and and reply box will be simplistic for now. No members really used the tool tab so it is hidden so that the text box looks more simplistic.


What may we expect this new month?

  • More members and new discussions Àṣẹ o!
  • Possible changes to the UI
  • Maintanence as usual.

Occasionally our site may be closed due to maintenance. Don't worry. Most cases we will be back online soon. I will try my best to let you know if we will be in maintenance for an extended time.


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This month was a busier month for me. And its also a period of high stress for me. But I count my blessings. I pray we all have a Happy New Month and that we continue to grow. Àṣẹ.
~Manifest destiny from within~


Yay!!! Great work @Ọmọwálé!!! Ẹ kúuṣẹ́!!!
Láti ọwọ́ Ayọ̀bámikalẹ́

Osunponmile Aduke

Ẹku isẹ Olodumare ade igbiyanju wa l'ade


~Manifest destiny from within~